Website of Ruth J. van Holst
Welcome to my website

I am fascinated by how certain behavior can spiral out of control and how this is reflected in the human brain. Current projects that I am working on are: 

1) Neuroimaging study in disordered gambling and alcohol dependence

2) Neurostimulation as treatment for alcohol dependence

3) Meta-cognitions in compulsive behaviours

4) Neuroimaging study in patients with orexin deficiency investigating the role of orexin in food-related motivation

5) PET study investigating dopamine in disordered gambling


Hooray: We received a ABC-project grant to further studie meta-cognition in compulsive behaviours!

Meet my great team: 

From left to right, up to down: Tim van Timmeren (PhD-student), Nina de Boer (Research Assistent), Renee Schluter (PhD-student), Monja Hoven (Research Assitent)